Name explanations and usage

Public announcements will be posted here. Keep updated!


The place to assign yourself new roles, remove them, or otherwise use bot commands that might clutter up other channels


The channel where rules and other (semi-)permanent information is posted


Discussion about the server, suggestions, etc. Discussions should only include what’s relevant, so please don’t go off-topic or type unneccessary information. Please explain suggestions etc. if they are not immediately obvious


This is the channel where new users introduce themselves and gain access to the rest of the server. Do not use this channel for conversation.

Language learning / general


Chat about anything and everything that doesn’t fit well into other channels. English and Norwegian should be used here. Other Scandinavian languages are also tolerated.


like #generelt but in bokmål


like #generelt but in nynorsk


like #generelt, but in languages other than English or Norwegian.


Discussion about and conversation in dialects


A place for asking questions regarding Norway, the Norwegian language, or Norwegian culture.


Post learning resources here! :D



A channel for sharing images that don’t fall well into other categories. Selfies, pictures from your latest hike, or anything!


Show off your creations and discuss arts and crafts!


Discuss and talk about food! Why’s sodd so good?!


Discuss, share, and talk about music!


Talk about games! board games, video games, or anything!


The place to arrange movie nights together, or just talk about movies or TV series.


The server’s #1 place for linguistics talk


A place to discuss anything related to technology!




weird sentences and phrases on Duolingo and other language learning apps, or discussion about them.


A text channel to complement the generelt voice channel.


A text channel to complement the søndagschatten voice channel. Used during the Sunday lessons.


A text channel to complement the reading practice voice channel.


A text channel to complement any voice channel, for inevitably sharing content that might not be as appropriate in the other text channels. Keep the NSFW section of the rules in mind.


General voice chat.


Voice channel for the Sunday lessons.

🔊reading practice

A voice channel for practicing reading Norwegian.


A general voice chat, but Norwegian only.


A voice channel for movie watching.


A voice channel for people interested in playing games.