Be kind to each other:

Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination are not tolerated. Be aware that banter or something intended as a joke may not be viewed as such by others.

We all speak differently and are at different levels of our target languages:

Do not make fun of or mock people for how they write/speak, and do not invalidate other people’s language.

Don’t spam:

Repeated messages, or messages that otherwise are not related to or attempting to contribute to conversation. Unsolicited links to other servers or other advertising is not tolerated. Unsolicited direct messages are not tolerated.

Keep content where it should be:

This server has a number of channels (check #rules-and-info for explanations) for various discussion topics and interests. Try to keep content in their respective channels, and move a discussion over if it changes topic and is disruptive to the channel.

The server languages are English and Norwegian:

Using other languages as a means of communication could hinder others from participating. We generally also allow Swedish and Danish in most channels, and exceptions to this rule are noted in each channel topic.

Help out others:

As this is a community primarily targeted at learning, we should strive to help others learn when we are able to.

Standards and dialects:

Both bokmål and nynorsk are valid written standards. Don’t talk negatively about either or people using them, or discourage learners based on non-constructive arguments. The same applies to dialects – no-one should be discouraged from speaking or learning a dialect.

No NSFW content:

Pornographic content, gore, and similar content that are usually classified as NSFW have no place in this server, as it is a language learning server, and a server with minors in it. There is a voice text channel for content that is not explicit, but not otherwise suited.

Contact the moderators:

If someone is breaking the rules in the server, harassing or sending unsolicited direct messages, please contact the moderators. If someone is showing behaviour in another server that this server should be wary of, please contact the moderators.

Moderators have the final say:

A moderator’s word is final, and attempting to argue may instead lead to more drastic action being taken. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and can be brought up with a moderator, or in the #meta channel if it is a public matter.