Be nice to each other

Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and any other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated in this group, and will result in appropriate action taken. Swearing is allowed, but within reason. Some banter is also tolerated, but it should be clear to all in chat that this is not meant in a hostile way. Any form of harassment in the server or through DM to any of the server’s members will not be tolerated. Political discussion should be kept to a minimum, as it is an easy way to create tension between people of different political beliefs.
Be aware that when people are typing/speaking both English and Norwegian, none of those languages may be their mother tongue, and that criticising this is not productive. Helping others out if they make mistakes is always welcomed, but be nice and constructive about it.
Some Norwegians use nynorsk and it is a valid option for learners as well. If you do not use nynorsk or don’t want to learn it, that is fine, but don’t be disrespectful to others if they use/learn nynorsk and don’t be disrespectful of the language itself.

Don’t spam

Repeating messages with the same content, excessive use of capital letters or punctuation marks, or similar, will be considered spam and will be deleted, and you will be issued a warning, or other appropriate action. Sending invites to other Discord servers without anyone requesting an invite will also be considered spam. Sending links to random web pages (e.g. posting a link in one of the general chats without any context may be considered spam. Sharing links to music videos or similar in the music channel is of course okay, as that is a place intended for it)

Keep content where it should be

This Discord server has a fair amount of channels, and is best used when appropriate content is in the appropriate channels. Diverging a bit from the channel topic is always okay, but do try to stay within reason! More information about what the different channels are for is provided below.

Help out others

If you are able to help someone out, please do so! Either if it’s related to the Norwegian language, culture, or anything else, it’s always nice to share knowledge! Not everyone knows what you do, and even if something seems obvious to you it might not be for others. We are a diverse group of people from a lot of different background, and we want that to be a positive thing!

Contact the moderators

If you see anyone that are breaking these rules/guidelines, please inform a moderator, either by pinging a moderator (@ Moderators without the space) or sending a direct message. Moderators have a red colour and Supermoderators a dark red colour. If you have any questions regarding the rules, or moderation, feel free to ask us!

NSFW content

This server is a place for language learning, and as a rule NSFW content will not be tolerated. As an exception, voice calls are a lot more fluid, and the conversation can quickly take a turn to something that may not be appropriate for all ages. In addition, there is a text channel used in conjunction with the voice channels for sharing content that would otherwise not be tolerated. Any directly pornographic, gory, or similar content is still not allowed, and will be removed.


The server languages are English and Norwegian, and while other languages are interesting and fun too, conversing in them will only serve to exclude other people from joining in, and as such those conversations may be better suited in a server for that language, or in DMs. Keep in mind that writing in dialect may be better suited in the channel specifically for it, and that writing in dialect in other channels (without clarifying it) may suggest to learners that what they’re seeing is part of the standard forms. Some use of other languages is okay, if it’s relevant to a conversation, but making it the language of a conversation is not. Note that Swedish and Danish are nevertheless acceptable in channels other than #generelt-bokmål and #generelt-nynorsk.


A moderator’s word is final (regardless of if it’s stated in the rules or not), and there is no point in arguing back and forth. Constructive criticism is always welcome, and if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly, please DM Vegard (Myrkvi#1337)

The rules do not change that often, but some changes and additions are to be expected.