Norwegian Language Learning is a community of learners and native speakers of Norwegian. We mostly exist in our own Discord server, where we have had our community and weekly lessons since January 2016.


Name explanations and usage

Server-related #announcements Public announcements will be posted here. Keep updated! #bot-chat The place to assign yourself new roles, remove them, or otherwise use bot commands that might clutter up other channels #rules-and-info The channel where rules and other (semi-)permanent information is posted #meta Discussion about the server, suggestions, etc. Discussions should only include what’s relevant, so please don’t go off-topic or type unneccessary information. Please explain suggestions etc. if they are not immediately obvious [Read More]


Heimdallr is the bot used on the NLL server. It can be used to assign or unassign user roles, quote messages, or display information about the weekly lessons. It is currently in active development and its Git repository can be found here.


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Rules Be kind to each other: Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination are not tolerated. Be aware that banter or something intended as a joke may not be viewed as such by others. We all speak differently and are at different levels of our target languages: Do not make fun of or mock people for how they write/speak, and do not invalidate other people’s language. Don’t spam: Repeated messages, or messages that otherwise are not related to or attempting to contribute to conversation. [Read More]


Be nice to each other Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and any other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated in this group, and will result in appropriate action taken. Swearing is allowed, but within reason. Some banter is also tolerated, but it should be clear to all in chat that this is not meant in a hostile way. Any form of harassment in the server or through DM to any of the server’s members will not be tolerated. [Read More]